6 Things Everyone Should Know About Drinking in College

Ive been thinking back on my first two years of college, and I realized that Ive learned a lot of things about drinking and college party culture that I wish Id known when I was a freshman coming into school. I always wanted to catch up with essayonetime and all my student’s work. Dont get me wrong, I love a fun dance party on the weekends and a microbrew with a good stout, but now that I know these things, I definitely feel more capable of not letting fun, casual drinking turn into a bad aspect of my life.

Heres my list of 6 things everyone should know about drinking in college!

1. It makes you fat. Doesnt matter who you are or what youre drinking. Alcohol is really, really high-calorie, and if youre hung over in the morning, I doubt that youre going to get up and hit the gym to work off all that extra weight. Wine and dark liquors have lots of sugar in them. Any beer that doesnt taste like a can of piss is going to be full of malt and sugar, even if it doesnt taste sweet. If you want to keep the pounds off, either dont drink as often (maybe only on the weekends instead of a few nights during the week and the weekend), or dont drink as much (which might lead to less fun).

2. Its expensive. Theres a stereotype of a poor college student, but most college students I know arent poor, they just spend all of their money buying beer and whiskey. Heavy drinking will drain your wallet. If you want to party but are on a budget, buy a few 40s.

3. Just because everyones doing it doesnt mean its healthy. I know a lot of college kids who have a drinking problem. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that they dont think they have a drinking problem. They dont think they have a drinking problem because they hang out with other college kids who drink a ton, all the time. Practice self care (I wrote a post on here about that). Be aware of your limits, and know when youre habits are unhealthy. If you need to seek help, dont be afraid or ashamed.

4. A drunk yes is not a yes. I know a lot of college kids who joke about drunk sex with some guy/girl. Be careful. Never have sex with someone who is too drunk to consent. Always ask first, and if their response is yes but they slur their words or dont seem coherent and conscious, then dont dont dont have sex.

5. Facebook is forever. We all know its really fun to take crazy drunk pictures, but be careful where you put those pictures. Even when you delete a tweet or a picture from Facebook, it doesnt actually go away. There are ways to access all of the pictures youve ever put on facebook. That said, if you ever want a job, to go to grad school, or be friends with your grandma on facebook, dont put those pictures online. Your future self will thank you.

6. Know the difference between a bad night and a dangerous night. Everyone gets too drunk sometimes. Sometimes, when we go overboard like that, we puke. Its really really important to know the difference between when you or your friend is having a too drunk bad night or when theyre suffering from alcohol poisoning. It could mean the difference between life and death, so educate yourself.

Now go have fun!