Note: This article assumes that you are somewhat familiar with Dungeons and Dragon as well as with the hero’s journey monomyth.

Today I wish to ramble against the corruption of the greatest masterpiece of French absurdist philosophy created in the 20th century. Oddly enough, this masterpiece was not the work of WW2 era french philosophers, but of a middle-aged nerd from Illinois by the name of Gary Gygax.

I — Character creation

The one thing that puts “old school” DnD most at odds with modern variants, I think, is character creation.

Characters were created by rolling 3d6, 6 times, in a row, then they got assigned to abilities one by one. …

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I should start this post by saying that I am a layman when it comes to everything I’m going to be discussing here.

However, I am left in an unfortunate position where all of the focus for applying healthspan-extending interventions in humans is focused on older individuals. …

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Let’s start by talking about scientific literacy. I’m going to use a weak definition of scientific literacy, one that simply requires familiarity with the Baconian method of inquiry.

I don’t want to place an exact number on this issue, but I’d wager the vast majority of the population of “educated” countries scientifically illiterate.

I — The gravity of the issue

I first got a hint that this could be a real issue when I randomly started asking people about the theory of gravity. I find gravity to be interesting because it’s not at all obvious. …


George Hosu

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