From Washington to Pittsburgh.

Duquesne Incline

From Washington to Pittsburgh.

The Europeans, Asians, Latins, Africans, what is the difference?

Why must we treat others as less than ourselves? I place a high value on myself. When I visit with and get to know others, I put a high value on them. Is any group in this country superior over any other people?

Ask our leaders, or whoever you have chosen to follow, which type of American they are, and are they superior to any other kind of American?

Listen to our leaders and their answers. If our leaders can tell you which nationalities, religions, or other groups are better or lesser then others, that should tell you what is wrong with America.

Who is superior and according to who’s history books? We need to know before we go off to war. Whom are the people elected to lead us and who are the people who elected them?

Am I, the only one who thinks? Thinks that the white, old, men leading this country do not know what it is to be American?

What is it that lurks beneath the skin of America? The selfish, the envious, who want to blame any group of humans for whatever ills them.

I was born in the United States of America, and I will vote in the next election unless my vote gets suppressed because of where I live or the color of my skin or whatever reason they give for not letting me vote.

I do know how to read, and I read the Constitution. The Attorney General openly defies the Constitution. He knows how to read, yet I am the one who follows the law. The Attorney General and the person who appointed him don’t follow the law.

There is something wrong. Governing without the Constitution is not right. Could it be the country has always been this wrong? Or, had I just not noticed?

I wonder. Am I one of those people our President keeps referring to as a superior white man? I don’t feel superior. My parents never said we were any different from everyone else in town.

I always knew we were better than the rest of the country’s population, but that was because we lived in Pittsburgh. That’s another story, you know because of the Pirates and Steelers. Back then, so much coal dust was in the air; we didn’t know what color our skin was.

The City of Pittsburgh has three beautiful rivers. The Allegheny and the Monongahela which joined to form the Ohio River. Bridges and more bridges then there are the hills, this city where no two streets are parallel, and no two roads are perpendicular.

Pittsburgh must be the center of America. If you want to know what America is about, then go to Pittsburgh.


I think I got off the subject;

I now live in Arlington, Virginia, next to the District of Columbia. Perhaps I should say across the river, the Potomac River from Washington D.C.

Not too long ago, this was the place people came to celebrate Freedom, Equality in this town of many nationalities. A friendly village.

Things changed so fast. November 2016, a shock wave hit; nothing has been the same sense.

Back then, the Democrats would carry on conversations with Republicans. Nowadays, that is not easy to picture.

The man in the White House says he is making improvements. He is setting the example, and all the Republicans follow him. The rest of us are leaderless, wondering which way he is going to turn next.

All the senators try to keep up with his Tweets. The tweeter is the new official means of communication. So much, that the White House seldom holds press conferences anymore. Because the press secretary is not able to keep track of the lies, I know that is not nice to say. But what am I to say, the president does not tell the truth? He lies about everything.

The White House is understaffed because nobody wants to work there, and the President demands loyalty while trusting no one. Due to the lack of manners and absence of concern for the staff, they feel free to talk to any person willing to listen.

Minorities try to fit in for the prestige and talking points, but their effort goes to the wind. Trump is white and wealthy. If you are not white and coasting on family’s money, they can’t be bothered. Oh, he will fake it, even though he does not care.

A primarily white male government leads us. I am sure this country would be much better with an all non-white and non-male leadership in charge.

Having a superior attitude has not served us well. We need people with higher diversity running our government, which would give the citizens excellent leadership.

This country would be more exceptional if the elected officials were to serve the population who cast the ballots instead of the oligarchs who finance the campaigns.

Somebody somewhere said, “money is the root of all evil.”

Get the money out of the American election. Get the Super-PAC, corporations, and organizations out of the election process then we will be on our way to having the government for which we voted.

I like the term “Social Democratic Capitalistic Society.”

“SDCS” has a good sound.

The United States is still number one, but not for long. If the people who run this country are a sample of the people who live here, we will soon slip into second, third, then fourth place. If we are like our leaders, then we are not what we used to be.

I hear the air in Pittsburgh is the cleanest in the country. If it is that clean, I believe it is time for me to move back there.

Writing & Writing. Then I write some more.

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