This article is about writing stories on Medium vs. writing comments in response to stories written on Medium.

When I write a story on Medium, I will find that story listed with other stories.

When I write a response to someone else’s story, it appears along with comments from other readers at the end of the story.

My comment is just a comment and nothing more. If I wanted to write a story instead of a comment, I would write a new story to reference the other story.

My question is, who has the right to turn my comment into…

Regret Medium’s downward spiral

Photo by Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash

I have found Medium to be of great value to me. The many changes made in its layout are confusing and appear not to benefit readers or writers.

I assume there has been a change in the management of Medium’s affairs.

The purpose is moving in an unfamiliar manner and in a direction that does not please me.

Why is there a repetitive placement of articles on the main page? I have a feeling that Medium is making a feeble attempt to fool or manipulate the reader. …

What happened in Congress?

I can’t recall where one party won the White House without sweeping at least one chamber of Congress? In 2020, the Democrats easily captured the Presidency yet lost seats in the House and Senate.

The way I see it is that Trump lost the White House and Republicans won the Congress.

In 2020 the Democratic party stood by while the American people elected a government. In 2024 the Republican Party will retake the White House and increase their hold on Congress.

The Republican Party had completely hoodwinked the public before Trump came down the escalator. …

That is not good.

If we were a one-party system, then we could say let the one with the most votes win. But that is not the way the system works. We will either unite behind one or the other. If we don’t, the Democrats will lose big time and for a long time.

There are them and we and sometimes others. The immediate problem is the two main political camps of Biden and Sanders are not willing to compromise. Ever which side wins the majority of electoral votes will have to go it alone against the Republicans.

Everyone agrees that Donald Trump must…

I don’t know why. Readers do highlight; I don’t like it. I am a reader whose attention is distracted when I run across the highlighted text. The reader, before marked the work I am trying to read, was making notes to themselves. That’s fine if it were a paperbound book.

What I am reading is not a paperbound book. I am reading text on a computer screen. I prefer to make my notes. Thank you.

A library book is not to be written in or altered. Another reader or I may purchase a copy of the book to enter personal…

Democrats against Democrats

There seem to be fewer Democrats who are Never Trumpers. I hear and read about Democrats who will give a list of reasons for not voting for certain persons running in the Democratic primary. Then say it has to be their way or the Trump way.

I vote for clean water, fresh air, and uncontaminated soil. Can’t get that with Republicans in office.

In the name of capitalism, Trump is removing all safeguards Obama put in place at the EPA.

Can’t anyone outlive their past and say they won’t do something again. …

CNN is intentionally steering the conversation pryer to the Tuesday night debate to get the highest ratings. There was no conflict between the Democratic campaigns of Warren and Sanders until…

Time for Americans to look back to our “Declaration Of Independence.”

We must rethink who we are and who we want to be.

Based on our treatment of each other here in our own country, we Americans are as hypocritical as anyone anywhere.

We have long since violated the very reason other people come from all over the world to be like us. Then after arriving, they find that we do not live by the words on the “Statue of Liberty” or the “Declaration Of Independence.”

If we are not what we thought we were, then what are we?

Do the new arrivals know we write laws to deny voting rights. Why do…


Writing & Writing. Then I write some more.

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