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George Cretu
3 min readDec 2, 2022


EnterTeq Software was incorporated in 2021 in Bucharest Romania. It was created by a group of experienced business and software practitioners. The company started as a software studio with a significant expertise in designing and developing AI and ML modules as well as BPM based customized solutions.

The interests for Digital Green started in the summer of 2021 when EnterTeq started the conceptual development of GUES Product (Green Upstream Engagement Solution). The project is supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants in Romania 2014–2021, in the frame of the SME Growth Programme Romania, with a value of 120,000 EUR (www.norwaygrants.org). EnterTeq has conceptually created and digitally developed the following products:

  1. Reporting GHG Protocol Scope 1, 2&3. The core of this product is data that should be captured and processed. EnterTeq is developing a complex platform for capturing and processed. The platform is using primary and secondary data. The reports are done in accordance with GHG Protocol, IFRS Protocol and GRI. For Scope 3, we are proposing for the first stage the GHG Protocol, even though the concept is nuanced for banks and other financial institutions, and for construction.
  2. Reporting using alternative methodologies for reporting and accounting. We also used in building this module two main methods:E-liabilities method (the value-added method) for net emission calculation. The method is looking for a calculation of a net emission that it is in the responsibility of the reporting company, proposing a understanding of the product value chain and performance of the financial intervention (footprint vs handprint) for banks. The solution is proposing a view of the client on two different times: before the financial intervention. and after the financial intervention. The solution is suitable for banks, investments, etc.
  3. Decarbonization controlling. Decarbonization refers to the controlling techniques that allows the company to monitor and see the evolution to net zero according to some benchmarks and deadlines. The plan is designed according either to Science Based Targets framework or can be a custom approach.
  4. Real time monitoring. The module is proposing a deep integration with the upstream activities, especially related to suppliers by a real time estimation of the emissions on each invoice, the operational monitoring, and the integration with the sale’s financial inputs.
  5. Strategic Management Framework for Sustainability. The experts of EnterTeq propose a strategic management concept based on the concept of Balanced Scorecard. It is based on a selection of interconnected KPIs that are specific for the 4 strategic zones: balanced emissions, downstream, operational, and upstream.

The industries verticals approached in GUES Product are construction & facilities management, banks & other financial institutions, energy, and retail.

EnterTeq Software is a group of experienced experts in different fields such as sustainability, software development,business process management, Blockchain Technologies, AI and machine learning, data analytics, etc. The originality of GUES software product as long as the expertise of the experts reside in understanding the sustainability monitoring techniques and the link to a strategic management framework qualify EnterTeq Software as an European leader in the domain.



George Cretu

George has an engineering and economics background, MSc in Management at NYU and PhD in Management at SMC University.