Why Republicans are More Willing to Serve in the Military than Democrats

Liberals love protesting. They believe that fighting for freedom and equality through the use of marching and picket signs somehow equates with military service. News Flash: it doesn’t.

This article shows that Republicans are twice as likely to join the military as Democrats. Why is this? Well for starters, Republicans identify overwhelmingly as citizens of this country rather than citizens of the world. They’re more patriotic and they know they can’t take their freedom for granted.

Democrats care more about citizens of other countries and their own well-being rather than the well-being of the US.

Democrats, more often than not, think it’s someone else’s job to maintain American freedom and independence. Democrats somehow believe that the biggest problems in this country are micro-aggressions and they believe all problems can be solved through safe spaces and protests.

Republicans know that there are threats out there that require more effort to defeat than a safe space and a protest.