Don’t Be Disappointed
Bart Schaneman

Older is a relative expression. Older than what, older than whom? Every day we get older and every day we get older than increasing numbers of other people.It probably is a fallacy that we get better at life as we get older but for sure if we have any nouse we understand it better and compromise less. People are what life makes them and if you have no opportunities then your moral code is not the same as that of someone who has lots of choices and you can be a liar without being inherently bad.Im 65 so maybe im getting older or to some just plain old but who cares. One thing that getting older has done for me is to learn to be a lot less jusdgemental about people I dont agree with, about people who lie cheat and steal, and to be a lot more suspicious of those who feel they have some sort of monopoly on truth such that they can tell us all how to live.