Men- CEO of the Family Series — 1/10

When I last wrote I discussed how there are a few things that men need to do as the CEO of their families. From the men that have mentored me and have been strong examples for me, these are basic principles that help men be better partners and spouses, fathers, and overall teammates in their family and with others. I’ll keep these brief. Today, I’d like to touch on the first item on my list: Leadership.

  1. Lead — set the example and standard for your family.

One of my favorite quotes and one I try to live by comes from Navy SEAL and author/speaker/businessman Jocko Willink (Twitter: @jockowillink), where he says:

It’s not what you preach, it’s what you tolerate.

To me this speaks tremendous volumes as a man, husband, father, son, and in every aspect of my life. We too often are surrounded by people who will say they are for/against one thing, but then continue to allow it to affect them in their lives, and constantly adjust the way they live. As CEOs of the family, men need to be bold in our beliefs and values, and stand firm when faced against adversity and those who may try to sway us from them. I can briefly apply this in 3 areas:

1. LEAD Spiritually.

By far the most important form of leadership in the family, as I believe having a strong spiritual foundation for your family will be the guide for all challenges you may face, and all victories that come your way.

2. LEAD Financially

This is NOT to say that men should control the money in the home. Quite frankly, this could be the opposite in some ways. Today, whether men/husbands are or are not the primary income-earners in the family, men need to lead by example and in partnership with their spouses to make smart, fiscally responsible decisions with the family’s money. This means having open dialogues and transparency within the partnership about money, bills, savings, investments, etc.

3. LEAD with Integrity

Social media/news is remarkable in that it can connect us so well, but its cardinal vice is that it can also be a breeding ground of negativity, hate, misinformation, and intolerance. In your family, men, lead with integrity and fortitude and conviction. Establish strong moral values in your family and in your friend groups, and let your attitude, actions, and words be a reflection of them. Stand firm in your beliefs, but don’t be so stubborn that you can’t be open-minded to other views. It is ok to listen to someone’s differing viewpoint and perspective while still maintaining your beliefs.

God bless.


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Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win