• Working Not Working

    Working Not Working

    Home of the Universe's top creatives. #freelance #fulltime #sexy

  • Introvertron


    Three words: INTJ, Asperger's, philosopher / interests: Jazz,psychology, literature, philosophy, theories / hate: something illogically unacceptable

  • Dominique Schmitz

    Dominique Schmitz

    design, code and sausages ░ http://www.domizai.ch ░ http://gist.github.com/domizai ░ http://openprocessing.org/user/9076 ░ http://flickr.com/photos/domizai ░

  • Will Pearson

    Will Pearson

    Research, design and technology; sustainability, mycology and culture. Always on

  • robert wong

    robert wong

  • Nick Walsh

    Nick Walsh

    Words & sentences that could put a smile on your face. If you’re that kind of person. 15% off. Promises void. Unable to issue rereads. www.nickwalsh.fyi

  • Luiz Ludwig

    Luiz Ludwig

    Focado na interseção entre interatividade, tecnologia, arte e design, Luiz Ludwig trabalha com exposições e ambientes interativos.

  • Megan Foy

    Megan Foy

    Director of Innovation at 20th Century Fox

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