Why do Investors exist??

The reason we exist is cause we find solutions to problems others either do not want handle or don’t care. We have helped many families find creative solutions to problems that no one else has figured out.

Last week I helped an older couple make a huge change in their lives. They wanted to downgrade on the size of their home. They could not sell the home the way it was due to it not being updated since the 70’s. Repairs would have been over 50k-100k which they did not have. Also add the time and energy that they would have to put into the a project with that kind of cost.

Our solution?? We bought the property for cash to them in as is condition and agreed to help coordinate the move for them. No open houses, no realtor commissions, no people coming to and from the house and looking into their private items.

We have many other ways to help anyone in any situation with issues with a house they bought and need to get rid of.

Any questions or scenarios hit the send message and let us know your situation.

ACV Investments