Airing of digital grievances which are unlikely to reach resolution in 2016…

1. Don’t do your main work email on a mobile device. (That is just pretend-work.)

2. Stop ninja calling.

3. Don’t say you have “forgotten your password” unless you are actually at that moment wearing a hair shirt and flagellating yourself.

4. If you are a self-professed “broad brushstrokes person”, at least acknowledge that *somewhere* the detail has to be done by *someone*. Don’t dismiss, fight, undermine, or belittle the detail people. …

Thoughts arising from reading Vinay Gupta notes on identity.

I wish to argue against the idea that identity is mainly a question of “who” (things or narrative).

Identity seems to come up in daily transactions with two possible basic needs:
1. Permission
2. Accountability

Discussion of identity seems to get hung up on the former, while I think it is more relevant to the latter.

Permission says that something can be done. Identity is often used for these purposes but it is not intrinsic to the transaction. It is “can be done” not “x identity can do it.”

There are…

Britain’s Labour Party should change its name. That is all.

The Labour Party has a crap brand name. “Labour” means hard work, or the agony of childbirth. It does not appeal to the lizard brain.

“Conservative” sounds great: stability, predictability, holding on to the things we want to hold on to. In the absence of anything else compelling it is nature’s rational default choice.

Colours: dangerous red — the colour of blood and fear? Oh yes, and communism. Or cooling, reassuring blue that stands for trust basically everywhere?

The Labour Party rose logo suggests thorns (scratch, blood), anxiety of romance…

A selection of key terms on the rise that show where some things are going…

I’ve chosen 10 words that started popping up on my radar in 2014 and should be even more on the rise in 2015…

  1. Human — Because software has now become the default medium or mediator for such a lot of things, we are increasingly having to flag up when something is wetware-only.
  2. Internship — This is the big employment model of the coming years. Since there aren’t so many full-time jobs and not so much money for the real jobs that there are. …

Naming your brand by combining a colour and an animal in a “wacky” or “random” way does not show you are creative and unconventional… exactly the opposite.

Boring businesses trying to be clever and original by branding themselves “Purple Manatee Accountants” or “Orange Gibbon Enterprise Penetration Testing” always seemed particularly sad. I decided to do a bit of Googling to see how widespread this brand-uninspiration issue is…

A quick excel auto-concatenate matrix later, we have a way of checking systematically how unoriginal the idea is…

Voila — some examples, sufficient to prove the point I believe…

When burning vehicles and tear-gassed, bleeding protesters dominate the imagery of protests, the authorities are *winning* the propaganda battle.

Demonstrating/protesting in the streets, and public acts of resistance: there are three dimensions involved.

x: how much you care, ranging from [negative] “pro status quo” through [zero] “apathetic” to [positive] “care a lot” and [highest] “fanatical”.

y: how much you think change is possible (via protesting/resistance), ranging from [negative] “hopeless/despair” through [zero] “let’s observe how others fare” to [positive] “this might work” and [highest] “the time is now, comrades!”

z: how able and willing you are to get out and join…

“how can we gain followers and promote our business, from scratch, without paying for clicks and likes?”

Here, only slightly edited to remove specific business details, is an email I sent today to the member of the team assigned to social media and content, in a local recruitment business startup I’m working with.

Hopefully some of these ideas may be a useful reference for many startups facing the same shoestring challenge and assigning staff who haven’t got formal “content marketing” experience.


“…how to get more audience and be more likeable… without an advertising budget…”

Quite a big question, if…

…and this is a huge missed opportunity in a world where we need help with overwhelming choice and information overload!


I believe tags are one of the best and most versatile ideas in helping software, humans, and information all get along nicely. We are all familiar with tags in lots of contexts, but it is staggering how underused the idea is by software and website designers.

Anything involving a lot of items, products, or choice can be improved a lot, from a human usability point of view, by smart implementation of tags. Music, book, and film discovery… hotel and holiday…

Most discussions of what the digital revolution is concern themselves either with the technological means and media that make it “digital”, or providing examples of the specific epiphenomena of norms being disrupted and the innovations coming into being in various fields or use-case scenarios.

For example, a location-aware review database app is a “technological means” on a smartphone — a “technological medium” — that is (“specific epiphenomena”) creating an innovative way of deciding which restaurant to go to (and maybe also a way of helping other people decide). This disrupts business models, for example by giving disproportionate benefits to a…

What have we got to look forward to in IT in the next decade (before AI takes over all the headlines)?

The following are assertions intended to spark discussion with IT people, and for non-IT people open up considerations of what’s coming… I’ve tried to keep within topics currently considered “IT industry”, within a timeframe of 10 years, i.e. 2014–2024, and without going into detail about any specific technology.

  1. IT in the headlines
    IT news will stop being a geek-only specialist category, with mainstream news only presenting dumbed-down joke pieces: the mainstream news will rapidly become more populated with IT items, and the reportage will increasingly assume a basic knowledge. …

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