Hashtag-jacking Events for Increased Twitter Exposure

Inspiration for social media marketers who need an excuse to say something on trending event hashtags

Hashtag-jacking will allow you and your brand to benefit from the attention on an event hashtag, without your tweet actually having to add value. In fact, your tweet doesn’t even need to be about the tagged event … hell, you don’t even have to be there!

Read on for inspiration!

I’m not there, shout out anyway!
Shout out to people who were there, or might have been there, whatevs
I am not there but somebody there shouted out to me!
Wish I could make it!
Didn’t make it?
Deliberately not going?
The event has not started but we want to be in people’s hashtag search at breakfast
The event has WAY not started but we are already squatting on the hashtag
I am going there! So that is very interesting for the world
I am on the train! And on your hashtag!
Lalala I can’t think of what to say, but I’m totally on the hashtag!
We are at the fair so that completely gives us licence to tag everything now
People at the event will totally read our content now!
I am not there any more; by the way, I do much cooler stuff!
I was there and feel so busy! In fact the event might be the most exciting thing to happen recently!
Not there any more and also not written it up yet
It’s a week later but the content doggie bags are still fresh
I wasn’t there. You weren’t there. Therefore tweet stuff from people who were there.
Oh, snap, I wasn’t there, retweet!
The warm glow of the event is still with me

Finally, if you can’t find one of the wonderful logical connections above, simply spam, Twitter is great for that:

Enterprise level hashtag engagement

Thanks to #brightonSEO and #infosec14

Sarcasm via @georgebaily

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Disseminating GeorgeThought™, Enlightening The Vast Hordes Of The Benighted