How To Leverage Twitter At Business Conferences

Ideas for better twitter-optimizing your event…

Twitter is a serious and massive social medium, combining the personal engagement/attention benefits of Facebook with the professional/business audience and networking possibilities of Linkedin. Too often at conferences, seminars, and other speeches, Twitter is ignored as a serious communication and promotional tool. If you see tweet @usernames or #hashtags, they’re usually relegated to a mere trendy gesture, or afterthought by speakers and organizers who clearly do not really believe in the relevance of Twitter or focus on its potential usefulness. I hope this can change with developing best practices in online<->offline event promotion and management, and already we can see more and more events proving the benefits of becoming more Twitterized without it having to seem gimmicky or cringeworthy.

First of all, let’s look at the advantages of promoting Twitter engagement with your event, and then I’ll list some practical tips for what you can do.

Here are the benefits:

Given the benefits, the question is more “can you afford NOT to enable the social media dimension of your real-world events?” — and Twitter is one of the easiest and most effective parts of doing so.

By the way, if you are not much of a Twitter user yourself (boo! hiss!) and wonder who on earth would want to tweet while listening to a speech or walking an exhibition…well, a key point to realize is that Twitterati among your attendees are likely to try to exploit the timeliness (newsworthiness!) of your event and originality of its content (particularly speeches of experts) to boost the interest level of their own tweets, as well as indirectly to seem more knowledgeable, hip (for attending), and insightful for being the first to curate the good stuff straight onto social media.

Tips for Leveraging Twitter at your Event

Further tips: Before the Event

Further tips: After the Event

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