Let’s Try To Understand and Work With the “Digital Revolution” in Terms of Human Factors, Not Technology

Universal Behavioural Factors Of The Digital Revolution

1 — Supersized information appetite of users

2 — Diminished attention of users

3 — Overwhelming choice for users

4 — Higher distraction risk for holding user attention and loyalty

5 — Lower cost of entry for attention-competitors

6 — Rapid obsolescence of particular solutions created by organizations*

7 — More demanding standards of information and self-service

8 — Higher cynicism of users

9 — High importance of user voices in comparison to controllable content

10 — Tendency to centralize and abstract on the part of organizations

Deep change and de-simplifying the image of the user

Design everything in the light of these factors

  1. The user’s appetite for information is big: how can we understand the user’s task and provide access to good depth and breadth of information and/or utility…
  2. …without assuming we have the full and undivided attention of the user for any single long period…
  3. …and with our attempts to provide the right matter and occupy the user’s attention helping against overwhelm rather than contributing to it.
  4. How can we insure against distraction, or adapt to survive it, or even benefit from it…
  5. and how can we increase the value of our matter in anticipation of attention competitors?
  6. How can we make the discovery, delivery, and consumption/use of our matter less vulnerable to change in particular technologies or media?
  7. Do we understand and accept the expectations and quality standards of the user…
  8. …and does our matter stand up to their cynicism…
  9. …particularly when, inevitably, they will evaluate or discuss us and our matter with others…
  10. …and is our organization structured in a way that naturally tends towards improvement of the matter — that is, iterative change — based on improved understanding of the users’ experience?




Disseminating GeorgeThought™, Enlightening The Vast Hordes Of The Benighted

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George Baily

George Baily

Disseminating GeorgeThought™, Enlightening The Vast Hordes Of The Benighted

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