That airbnb is SO hot right now…

In which I reveal my discovery that tacking ANYTHING on the end of “The Airbnb of —-” auto-generates awesome, disruptive, multibillion startup ideas

You can’t listen to any business speech these days without being repeatedly pointed towards airbnb as the ultimate example… often in fact the only example… of just about any point the speaker wishes to make, from higher-level positives like industry disruption, market disintermediation, and democratization of commerce, all the way down to granular best practices of web design and user experience.

You can combine airbnb with any business model to generate awesome new business ideas.

Basically anything that starts with “The airbnb of ——” will be an awesome, self-explanatory, and self-explanatorily awesome business idea.

  • The airbnb of child care.
  • The airbnb of spare baggage allowance.
  • The airbnb of empty bowl-shaped swimming pools.
  • The airbnb of private space travel.
  • The airbnb of massages.
  • The airbnb of unused CPU cycles.
  • The airbnb of front row tickets to see the Knicks.
  • A family round-the-world tall ships sailing holiday, but with an airbnb twist.
  • The airbnb-ification of spandex orgies.
  • An airbnb-esque take on soup kitchens for the homeless.
  • A modern, airbnb style answer to the problem of excess-to-requirements ova and sperm.
  • What airbnb would be if they were in the carbon sequestration industry.
  • Looking after senile relatives the airbnb way.
  • The airbnb of maths homework.
  • The airbnb of wedding dresses.
  • The airbnb of nuclear waste disposal.
  • The airbnb of travelling Europe with specific dietary requirements.
  • The airbnb of graveyards.
  • The airbnb of interstitial display advertising.
  • The airbnb of contango-stuck commodity futures.
  • The airbnb of kitchens with professional knife sets.
  • The airbnb of pro-choice family planning clinics.
  • The airbnb of human cryostorage.
  • The airbnb of rehearsing for flashmob line dancing.
  • The airbnb of witness protection programs.
  • The airbnb of oil sheiks’ art collections.
  • The airbnb of holding your place in the line at the apple store.
  • The airbnb of cheese.
  • The airbnb of doors.
  • The airbnb of crime.
  • The airbnb of attention span.
  • The airbnb of karma.

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