The Top 10 Most Dangerous Chinese Home Fireworks

(Just out of the ones exploded by me in the last two days of Chinese New Year while surrounded by 3 year olds)

George Baily
Feb 1, 2014 · 2 min read
  1. The rocket on a stick that you are just supposed to hold at arm’s length to shoot it off in any direction you want;


Probably the aspect of Chinese fireworks that I find technically most amusing is the way safety measures with small children are not so much about the intrinsic function of the fireworks themselves, but more about the known percentage of ones which go wrong and blow up more or less literally in your face. On the other hand I feel sorry for the fireworks industry as QC testing can’t exactly be easy. On the OTHER hand I don’t feel sorry for those cheater factories who make those fat sized tubes to sell at a higher price, but if you break the paper on top, there is only a puny little tube inside surrounded by a lot of air…


This post would not be complete without commenting that the most dangerous Chinese firework of all is of course one’s own Chinese wife.

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