Municipal Hall

A place where the municipal officials having their meeting . Just behind this hall is police station where criminals reported and imprisoned.

Barangay Hall and Basketball Court

Barangay Hall: A place where the brgy. officials have their general meeting, and also a place where people, who are having bad behavior, reported.

Basketball court: A place where residents of the barangay playing basketball. Even nonresident of the barangay visiting this place because of clean plays and good sportsmanship of the people who live here.

“In the midst of darkness. Light persists.” This photo was taken early in the morning.

“Green, Green Grass of Home.” This plantation of rice is owned by Ceria Family at Maratudo.

“Green, Green Grass of Home.” This plantation of rice is owned by Utrera family who is a friend of mine.

“Green, Green Grass of Home.” A plantation of native mangoes. It is also a beautiful place where we are having a picnic.

Maratudo Falls

Maratudo Falls is very clean and beautiful. Only those who lived there or their nearby barangays know this place.

Maratudo River

A river where falls flows at. Very clean, and as you can see only the leaves making it dirty, but it’s a nice place to swim at.

Magsingal National Museum

The Magsingal Museum in Ilocos Sur was formerly a convent of Spanish architecture built in 1676. Restored and transformed into a museum in October 1982, the Magsingal Museum showcases the material culture of Northern Luzon.

Magsingal Bell Tower

One of the most visited places in MAGSINGAL not only it’s beautiful but because of the food park and national museum beside it. Many tourists have gone already here because of their foods, especially their empanada. If you are not yet gone here, come and try , it’s only along the national highway, Brgy. San Vicente, Magsingal, Ilocos Sur.

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