Trying to lose weight can be a discouraging challenge. The task can quickly become overwhelming if you’re not certain of where you should start. Some people may think that the more complex the diet, the sooner they’ll see results. I tend to disagree with this sentiment. Why waste time wrapped up in the confusion of complexity? The truth is, you can make effective progress in your weight loss goals by just making a few simple changes to your already existing diet.

Here are some easy-to-follow rules to consider while changing your diet:

  1. Know What You’re Eating It’s not enough to…

George Bolzoni wants you to know great nutrition can benefit mental health

Since May is Mental Health Awareness Month, let’s talk about how a balanced and nutritious diet can improve your mental health. First off, we’re not going to say that a balanced diet is the be all, end all for mental illness, or that it’s the missing piece that will cure it. No, a nutritious diet isn’t going to have the same effect as an antidepressant, or counseling, but it will have a significant impact on improving mental health as will exercise.

Think of it this way, they’re both…

Everyone wants to be healthy and in shape, but becoming physically fit is harder than ever these days when we’re all so busy with our families, jobs, and personal lives. On top of that, many people often don’t set reasonable goals for themselves when it comes to their exercise regimens, and end up setting themselves up for failure before they even start. And often because they find this perceived failure so disheartening, they give up on their fitness goals altogether.

In order to help you avoid this common problem that befalls so many people, fitness and nutrition trainer George Bolzoni

George Bolzoni

George Bolzoni is passionate about fitness training, sports, and reading the inspirational and motivational stories of others

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