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Oh, please no. Remakes rarely work unless they remain very true to their core. Add in gender-swapping, like the excretable Ghostbusters remake, then when they fail, instead of being honest that the entire project was bungled from the beginning, it’s always the fault of someone else, usually men.

When, in fact, we’re perfectly happy with our female-lead movies as long as they’re good movies. The Hunger Games had a lot of adult men in those theatres. Same with Rogue One, Star Wars VII, Thelma & Louise, Wonder Woman, Silence of the Lambs, Kill Bill, Alien, Aliens (but not Aliens III), Arrival, etc. etc. etc.

We’ve also been happy with our female Captains and crew in the Star Trek universe. Well, except Deanna Troi, but that was just a badly written character.

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