Hither Mann — The Only Way Is FOREX indeed

I went to a The Only Way Is Forex event in July 23rd and then again Oct 8th in Canary Wharf. I had to be honest, I wasnt sure about the whole thing, but have to say, it wasnt bad at all, in fact quite refreshng. I have been around the fx circuit for the last few years, to all the Learn to Trade and other names out there — they certainly all sell the GET RICH QUICK! But quite the opposite with Hither and the events I went to; she literally kills the ‘get rich quick’ concepts and tells the reality behind the trading world such as brokers and how they manipulate the trading strategies on the internet. So if I were to sign up to any course (haven’t yet, just been on the internet self taught) then I would be buying from Hither Mann’s education. She trains in central London too. Seems the closest to the real deal. Will tell you how I get on if I do! Attending the next event, so who knows what may happen!

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