Four Steps to Ending Racism in America

  1. Stop judging people by their race. In America, that means stop judging people by the color of their skin.

a) NOTE: THIS IS NOT ENOUGH. Race neutrality is not going to end racism in America, it is only the first step for each individual.

2) Address the disparate impact of racism in America. Face the reality. Blacks and people of color have not been treated equally in America. It is wrong; it is a betrayal by America of millions of Americans. This must stop.

a) WHITES: It is not enough to be colorblind. Our society is not colorblind. White Americans against racism cannot be colorblind. We must recognize, understand and fight to the death the impact of racism in America. No, it is not, personally, your fault, but if you want to end racism in America, it is, personally, your responsibility. As an American, you have an affirmative duty to ensure that every American is treated equitably.

b) BLACKS: You have a right to be angry. If you’re not angry, you don’t understand the problem. Be angry. Feel it; own it, and then let it go. We cannot change the past. We can only move forward. If you need somebody to be angry at, call me. Just give me a heads up, I have feelings too.

3) Develop a system for recognizing each other. Taking a stand against racism will change your soul, but it will not change the color of your skin. We need a way to recognize our allies. I am open to suggestion. Please, one of you creative types fill in this section.

4) Seek out, cooperate with and support each other to the greatest extent possible. Racism is an attack on Americans. Stop tolerating the unequal treatment of Americans.

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