What I have learn in 3 years of graphic design course

When I was Form 6 in my Secondary School. After I finish my A-level studies in SMK Sacred Heart, I decided to take graphic design course in college. I used to think that graphic design will be a easy career. As I have taken drawing in my Form 6. It was a foundation for me as a journey of Graphic Design.

There are 3 things I learn in graphic design in college.

Learn to overnight and get things done.

In my first semester, I found that I have so many times to work on my project and assignment. In my free time, watch movie and listen to music is should things for me to do.

Never aurgue with your lecturer.

This is one of the most valuable lesson I had learned in my college years. The setting of college is some how like like working place. We need to know how to commnicate and work with our lecturer. For me personally, trying to obey the class rules. Giving ideas and communicate more with student helps a lot. Lecturer is like a boss in your real world working place. They have the power to help.

Be flexible

I learn to be flexible with different freinds. Giving respect is a very important things. If I would go back to study again I will be mix with all the friends in my class and be generous to them. Although I am a bit of quite and introvert. knowing that freinds is one of the most important asset we have to survive in the collge.

In Conclusion

I still think that graphic design is a very fun and interesting things to do. Beside, I think that I can learn to be more corporate with other people in the future.