How to Train Your Dog to Come

Even though they test our patience, dogs aren’t stubborn by nature. They have a strong desire to please. Sometimes, though, they just don’t know what is expected of them. It is up to you to make your commands understood and to establish dominance in the relationship with your pet.

Training takes patience. To get the desired behavior, be persistent and firm.

This is especially helpful when it comes time to train your dog to come.

Dogs are natural explorers. Give them their lead, and they will sniff, dig and scratch everything in sight. This is why it is extremely important to minimize distractions during training sessions. Pick a quiet spot that is as far away from others as possible and clear the training space of all distractions.

First Step

The first step in training your dog to come is to establish a verbal command and gesture to go along with this command. Start by using your chosen command signals whenever your dog spontaneously does the behavior.

Second Step

Next, place your dog in the “sit” position and back away from him. Use your verbal command and gesture for “come”. When your dog does what you ask him to, praise him lavishly or give him a treat. Never reward partial effort or a command that is executed incorrectly.

Continue working with your dog until you can back away several feet and still achieve the same results. Eventually, you will be able to call your dog from a distance of yards rather than feet.

If your dog seems to be a bit stubborn or reluctant to learn the command, you may want to use a leash and collar. Simply tug on the leash while giving the command to prompt your dog to get up and moving. Never drag your dog. The leash should only be used to spur your dog into movement.

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