Raising a Puppy is a Wonderful and Fantastic Experience

Raising a puppy to mature adult is a rewarding experience, but also pretty exhausting.

Much like human babies, puppies tug at our heartstrings and we sometimes give into their whims. But when raising a puppy, it is very easy to spoil it and end up with an annoying pet instead of the sweet companion you wanted.

Raising A Puppy

When raising a puppy it is wise to bear in mind that puppies need almost constant supervision and guidance. They actively explore the world around them, which puts them at risk for injury or poisoning.

Puppies, like all dogs, use their mouths to learn about items that interest them. If they mouth an object and like the taste or texture, they will continue to chew on it. If that object is a roach trap or electrical cord, your puppy’s curiosity might prove fatal.

If you can’t supervise your puppy at all times, use baby gates or other barriers to create a large, confined space for her to play in. Try to choose a spot that people spend a lot of time in. The more time spent with family members, the more quickly and deeply your puppy will bond with them. Give her something soft to lie on, a few toys to play with, and a bowl of clean water.

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