The Best Way to Choose A Unique Dog Name

If you are thinking of getting a new puppy or if you have just bought a dog, it’s probably getting to the stage where you are trying to think of a unique name for your new pet.

Thinking of a unique name for your dog can be quite difficult, especially when you are not feeling very creative.

When you choose a name, it’s important to choose a good one as that name will be with your dog for life. You don’t want to give a big strong male dog a cute girl dog name or similarly a male dog name to a delicate female dog. To help you get those creative juices flowing and think of a name for your dog, we have a few pointers that may help.

The main thing to consider when trying to choose a unique name for your dog is whether your dog will be able to distinguish his or her name from your normal everyday commands. If you think about it for a moment, calling your dog ‘Joe‘ or ‘Bo‘ may very well confuse your pet when you are actually trying to say ‘NO‘. Other similar sounds are ‘Sit‘, ‘Stay‘, ‘Fetch‘, ‘Down‘ etc.

Try to choose a unique name that is easy for your dog to pick up on. Usually, one or two syllable words are easier to distinguish from background noise especially when your dog gets hard of hearing. Another point to consider when choosing a name is whether you would feel comfortable calling your dog at the top of your voice in the middle of a crowded park. Novelty names may sound appealing at first but can leave you feeling embarrassed or even worse, unwilling to call your dog when out in public.

Sometimes waiting a few days after getting your new dog, before choosing your unique name can make the process much easier. The reason for this is that you may pick up on little characteristics from your new dog that will give you some inspiration. If your new puppy loves to steal things and hides them in their bed, how about ‘Sin bad‘? Maybe your new dog is a brave little soul and has the strength and character of a lion, maybe ‘Leo‘ would suit your new dog.

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