Trump’s America, Day 1
SF Ali

To me, you look like I did when I was your age. Except my hair was longer, my beard was scraggly, and my skin was lighter, unless I’d recently spent a lot of time outside, which was usually the case. And I was fatter. My dad’s parents were born in Italy. He and his siblings were born in the U.S. I was born in the U.S. We lived in small towns away from the extended family. We were outsiders. In my youth the KKK occasionally distributed flyers threatening violence against all who would not toe the line in their terrorist campaign to hold down and drive out the N*****S, I******S, J**S, C*******S. Obviously they did not use asterisks, and the word terrorist was not yet in vogue.

At your age I felt that old white men were responsible for most of the world’s injustices. I carried that through the years and I still feel that way even though I am now an old white man. Except, it’s not my fault! I didn’t do anything! I went to college, got a job, made a home and lived the life history had put in my path. Except, it is my fault! I didn’t do anything! I worked at a job I thought would help make the world a better place for everyone. I kept my head down, voted liberal, talked liberal, held my nose to the grindstone. Then, my career ended and I looked up to see the world is not so rosy.

I am most disgusted to see that we have commercialized college to bring the cost of tuition from that of a nice car, to that of a nice house. I’m also disgusted to see that we have commercialized our prison system. That is immoral. I am distraught to see that we have created Trump’s America. But, enough about me.

Please know that an old white man sees a bit of himself in you, feels some kinship, wishes you well, and hopes you find, or create, a happy life in your path.