I Do Give A Fuck and I am Political.

Democracy works when people claim it as their own
Bill Moyers

My feeble attempt to unearth a quote out of Google ended up in this fashionably simple sentence from Bill Moyers, a passionate political commentator. History was never taught to me, I was asked to mug up dates and names to score marks in exams. My country, India needs a history class right now, not the orchestrated diarrhoea of facts but insights into world events which will facilitate an introspection. Hate is an easy emotion, humans love to hate each other and widespread obsession towards religion has made this much more easy. Social media addiction is something I can’t get rid of anytime soon, same applies to millions of people around the world but the purpose of surfing newsfeed has witnessed a radical change over time. New age media platforms are a great source of authentic news, they prefer facts over emotions and retaliate any attempt to shackle the secular values of India. Is it helping? India boasts of an enormous number of Facebook users who devote their time to propagate hatred in the name of God. Sick-ular, Pseudo Intellectual and many others are some of the tags invented by people who blindly believes India can be saved only by unwavering nationalism and a particular religion. My patriotism is questioned at silly instances and receives criticism for not being at par with real nationalists. What happened to this world when a country started emphasising so much on nationalism and patriotism ? Holocaust, 6 Million innocent jews were killed. What happened when India got too religious,1992 riots and the 1994 Bombay blasts. No God was hurt, it was hundreds of innocent people who had to submit their lives for the interests of religion. Why are we so comfortable in justifying lynching of Muslims with genocide of Kashmiri Pandits? Are you believing in the right God? I don’t think so, it is easy for everyone to follow a faith, attend sermons and listen to preaching but it is super hard to make a connection with God, a personal connection which is not dictated by religious leaders. To really understand God, we have to think and ask questions, show love towards humanity and not towards religion. An average Indian spends at least an hour a week for his religion, but how much time for humanity? How much time for asking questions to authorities on governance and issues that really matter? None, we might spend some time criticising people who really care about humanity and adorning them with tags such as crazy and dumb.

The thought process of rural India and elders can be easily attributed to their lifestyle, they are either helpless or privileged. It is a humungous task for me to understand why Millennials are silent about the plethora of problems that are plaguing them? What happened to the most perfect generation of this country which spend most of their time in the traffic and pay exorbitant rent? We are scared to admit the fact that we are dooming, the nature is screwed up, water levels are at an all time low and monsoon is slowly vanishing but we are totally comfortable in ignoring them. We talk about India’s GDP but what about the urban infrastructure which makes living in a city a gruelling task. What about the level of air quality that doesn’t even let you take a run without masks? The so called Young India is as brainwashed as their predecessors, they are forced to pay huge fees to get an MBA and toil for the rest of their life to pay off the loan. We have been tuned to concentrate completely on our paycheque and nothing else. We are so used to complaining and playing blame game, we pity the state of roads during monsoon but are not willing to vote in the local body elections. Will this illusion cease to exist? Certainly but will we be able to reverse our actions?

In a country where a child is persuaded to spend majority of his time to crack a competitive examination which will happen a few years later in the future isn’t the right place for this rant but I do give a fuck and I am political if that makes me uncool, let it be.