The Other Side.

“Vihaarika, how many times should I ask you to stay in bed, I will bring everything, please stay there”, Devnit poured in the last packet of milk to a heated vesselwhile patiently addressing his concern for the well being of his pregnant wife. Vihaarika’s last visit to a gynaecologist brought immense joy to their little household, the long wait for a child was over for both of them. All she could see through the windows in her room was pitch black, Devnit had covered every window with a dark brown vinyl planks. Rain roared upon their lives intermittently as they found themselves stranded in their tiny one room apartment. Devnit walked through the narrow passage holding a ceramic cup in his one hand and the milk vessel in the other. He didn’t have to spend too much time to cool the milk as the air brought nothing but cold chilling winds from the east. Vihaarika was scared to get up from the bed again, she knew that reaching a hospital when the entire town is flooded was impossible. Devnit dropped a spoonful of milk to her mouth, he felt a vibration in his pocket and chose to ignore. Vihaarika could feel the entire building shaking and leaning leftwards, nothing could shackle Dev’s optimism. Next morning, a middle aged man read while sitting on his comfortable chair, ‘Gujarat Floods: Death toll rises to 303’.