The Miracles of Mathematics Will Make Your World More Vibrant
Chad Grills

The articles offers some very pretty pictures, and a nice, lyrical romantic story about modern mathematics. But there is a downside, as well. Mathematics has holes in it — undecidable logical propositions, untamable infinities, non-computable equations and non-halting algorithms. These infirmaties raise uncomfortable metaphysical questions that extend well beyond the reach of human rationality. This is the true mysticism of mathematics — its origins and its limits are beyond comprehension. Similar problems have cropped up in theoretical physics, a field that is intimately tangled with mathematics itself. see:

This is not to say that life, and mathematics, are not beautiful! Indeed, for me, part of the beauty is in the mystery of that which is beyond our grasp. This should make us all humble, and grateful. “I believe the universe is meant to be lived in, to be explored, and to be loved. In return, the universe rewards us with life, with complexity, and with the capacity for knowledge, self-exploration and wisdom. And it loves us back.”

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