A New Kind of Science: A 15-Year View
Stephen Wolfram

This article is a passionate exploration of the exciting concept of computational irreducibility, but the euphoria for algorithmic truth nd understanding is, in my opinion, misplaced. In the foundations of mathematics and computation, we cannot duck the issues of Godellian incompleteness — — you can have completeness, or consistency, but not both.

This and other infirmaties in computation, mathematics and physics, raise uncomfortable metaphysical questions that extend well beyond the reach of human rationality. This is the true mysticism of mathematics — its origins and its limits are beyond comprehension. Similar problems have cropped up in theoretical physics, a field that is intimately tangled with mathematics itself. see: http://swedenborgcenterconcord.org/?p=1038

There is ineffable mystery in that which is beyond our grasp. This should make us all humble, and grateful. http://swedenborgcenterconcord.org/?p=1269

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