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we get it together…

Until Black Genealogists become White Genealogists, they will be ignored. Until Black Genealogists become White Genealogists, they will not be let into the Club. Until Black Genealogists stop looking at White Genealogists for reference, they will not put a stamp on their identity. Until Black Genealogists take their essence back from White…

Nine Eleven Remembered

In 2002, I read the following accounting of the 9/11 event by my colleague and friend, Kathleen Wyer Lane. Now, as back then, I am moved to tears reading this and am so

A Poem For John

Here’s my 2nd Great Grandfather, John R. Jeter.
His Obituaries reads:

“Bradford Republic; March 21, 1893
-Death of a Venerable Colored man

Speak, So You Can Speak Again

Speak, So You Can Speak Again : The Life of Zora Neale Hurston
Publisher: Doubleday; Book & CD edition (October 19, 2004)
ISBN: 038549375

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Writings relevant to the culture, history and identity of African Americans, the African Ancestored, and people of color throughout the African Diaspora.

On Alex Haley’s Birthday

I remember when the book ‘Roots…’ came out. We either got it from Publisher’s Clearinghouse or the Readers Digest book club. I also remember thinking that Alex Haley…

James Arthur Briggs

by Kathleen Wyer Lane; (c) 2001

We have so much to share when we write our history. Included in all our family’s lore is a circle of friends who’ve added…

Cultural Markers In Your Family Story

Cultural Markers are the things that you can see, smell, taste, hold in your hands, remember — that help tell your story.

Your Grandma, Your History, Your Future

Future Children

a documentary on racial micro-aggression 

My people are labeled African, African American, Black, Colored, Ebony, Ethnic, Mixed, Mulatto, Negro…

How Far (or near) Can You Trace Your Family Tree?

To look back is to look within

How far back can trace your lineage?

Africans and African Americans

Come Together; pt 1

“Why don’t you go back to Africa”, said the African American to the carload of Africans. Eritreans to be exact. I…