What Makes Me: Prologue

We live in a world of flashing lights and impulses, connected to a hive mind of infinite proportions, where thoughts and ideas are dispensed and lost in the blink of an eye. I sit at the crux of two generations — Generation X with their disenfranchisement and Millennials with their sense of entitlement — flushed with the constant bombardment of media and popular culture, creating a dictionary of the collective consciousness. And while there was no singular voice of either generation, there is the zeitgeist. And it is through the iconography and semiotics of that zeitgeist, we all learn to make sense of the world around us.

Navigating the zeitgeist is a personal journey. Defined by chance — like the neighborhood, state, gender or economic status you came into the world. Crafted by curation — the things that connect and resonate at a level deeper than chance could ever influence. I know very few people really see the world the same way that I see it, the way I write about it, and the way I try to make it come to life. In sorting through it all, I discover a celestial map that shapes the constellation of who I am. Intersecting points of discovery — inputs that challenged, inspired, focused and defined the divine chaos that is life.

This medium channel will be dedicated to chronicling that journey. From the mundane to the profound. From today’s interests to reflections on the past. It’s not here for any specific audience, but should it find one, I hope that they see this not as testimony to some concrete truth but as steps in a broader journey; moments documented on the overall journey of life.

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