Motivation. It drives us to succeed our goals and ambitions. However recently I have found none inside of me, mainly because of the “Winter Blues” marked on 16 Janurary as being the “saddest day of the year”. I had lost the motivation to do work, to carry on my daily routine, which were being appiled during the winter holidays. The thought of going back to school may have dropped my motivation to do work, although in past terms I have seen no problem with it. I am normally motivated to do the best through school and perform to the best of my ability . This may be tested through sports or academic studies. Motivation to me is essential through my day to day schedule, it allows me to think about what I need to get done.

Motivation is key in everyones lifes’ . Without motivation people don’t want to succeed in aspects of life. Without motivation people don’t want to be a “better version” of themselves. Some people are tricked with motivation , watching Youtube videos of Steve Cook’s Swoldier Nation, seeing athletes working out after New Years Eve. Then being caught up with reality, as they close the laptop lid ready to “hit the gym” . Walking down the stairs playing their “Gym Workout playlist” , then it hits the wall of reality. They start to question whether or not to workout, start to make up excuses in their head “its too cold” or “I’ll do it another day” . They walk back into they house, go back upstairs and sit at they laptop once more and try to rekindle they “lost motivation”.

Its an reoccuring situation which applies to everyone at a given moment, whether it be in a workplace or self inflicted motivtion , we all give up on them. It doesn’t have any instant effect on us. Later on however it can become apparent that its an ongoing issue , which needs to be solved sooner rather than later. My advice in this given moment is to go on with your motivation , push its limits . Rather than walk back inside , you go out and workout or continue completing your work. I know it’s easier said than done, however I have 3 tips which may help you…

  1. Write your motivation and either look at it each day before doing it or think of reasons why you are motivated to do it.
  2. Think of the postives and negatives of the motivation , see how much the postives add up to be. Question whether or not it will have a good affect on yourself.
  3. Finally , is it going to make you feel better. If you continue with the work, it is little bit more which has been done. If you have exercised for half an hour has it increased your heart rate and made you feel better.

Hopefully these tips are useful and this article has been a help to you.