A list of must-have hotel supplies for 2023

8 min readNov 17, 2023


Hotel supplies are limitless and are considered the bedrock of every nuance of the hospitality business. In recent years, the hotel was merely considered a sleeping destination where only a bed and a bathroom would be enough to cater to guests’ needs.

Fast forward to this present era, where every guest’s demand has taken another stride; hotel supplies are important entities that shape the guest experience in terms of comfort and convenience.

There is no one-size-fits-all for essential hotel supplies, ranging from bedding, bathroom amenities, lobbies, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the expectations of the guests and a breakdown of all hotel supplies needed to keep the hotel running.

This article delves into the essential hotel supplies required to sustain the comfort standard for hotel guests. We also have an article here about How to choose table for hotel 2023 checklist, I hope it can help you.

Hotel Guest Room Supplies

Hotel guest room supplies are essential to enhance guest comfort and convenience. Generally, hotels are a haven of succor. Thus, each room must have basic supplies like bedding, Bathroom fixtures, Furniture, and other in-room amenities.

There’s no in-between or middle ground for these essentials since they are the foundation of any other supplies.

High-quality bedding

No matter the level of your hotel, the guests always want high-quality bedding that is neat and comfortable. Hotel bedding is mainly manufactured with high-quality materials like cotton and durable, breathable, and soft microfiber.

This makes them ideal for warmth, comfort, and luxurious feeling. In addition, they are also the best option for enhancing the beauty appeal of the hotel room, which directly impacts the guest’s experience.

Comfortable mattresses and pillows

Choosing comfortable mattresses and pillows is a huge step towards enhancing sleep quality. There are various types and sizes of mattresses t available in the market

These include queen, king, and twin size mattresses that are manufactured from latex, memory foam, and hybrid innerspring variety that features a coil unit and a thin layer of cushion that makes them the most common in the hotel.

Conversely, pillows are the guests’ comfy hotel bed companions supporting their heads and spine.

It’s advisable to select anyone from the range of types with a reasonable degree of firmness, loftiness, temperature control, and durability.

Bedside tables and lamps

Hotel bedside tables are perfect for keeping guests’ everyday items like glasses and keys. This versatile fixture can be moved around, serve as storage space, and introduce different textures into the hotel room.

Additionally, bedside tables can serve as decorative and lighting placement options that inject personality and ambiance into the hotel room.

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Furniture and Decor

Hotel bedroom furniture and decorations are nonexhaustive supply options that include guest room sofas, headboards, nightstands, vanities, entertainment units, chairs, etc..

unlike residential furniture, hotel room furniture must pass through a series of stability, durability, and weight testing to meet the demand of the hospitality industry.

Additionally, these types of fit tires are known for their durability and resilience in the face of constant wear and tear.

Hotel Bathroom Supplies

Hotel bathroom essentials are the key indicator in deciding the overall scale and extent of the hotel’s standard and luxury. These essential supplies can be regarded as the overview of the brand identity.

Any unprofessional supply of the following hotel bathroom supplies is a violation of the hospitality industry code that has a negative effect on the guest experience.

Fresh towels and washcloths

Bath towels and washcloths are exciting items that are imperative for guest comfort. A fresh hotel towel and washcloth can create a welcoming impression for the guest looking for a neat and comfortable towel or washcloth to wrap around after showering.

The key features of a high-quality towel and washcloth include a high absorbency rate, fluffiness, cotton materials, softness, and durability.

Toiletries (shampoo, soap, conditioner)

A well-stocked bathroom with high-quality Toiletries is essential in shaping and enhancing the overall stay and creating a brilliant impression on the guest.

A basic bathroom toiletry kit should include soaps, conditioner, shampoo, body lotions, toothpaste, toothbrush, and others. Sometimes, you can add shower caps, razors, and scissors to make it more comprehensive and all-encompassing.

Mirrors and vanity area

Mirrors are well known for inducing brightness into bright space. The hotel bathroom has a slight frosted window, which mandates the need for a light-up mirror that provides extra illumination without the cluttering effect of the fixture.

Furthermore, a vanity mirror is another vital hotel need that guests mostly use for their grooming while doing makeup or other personal hygiene.

Toilet paper and tissue dispensers

A wall-mounted toilet paper and tissue dispenser helps guests have a hygienic and pleasant experience.

This is not alone; toilet paper and tissue dispensers also offer a brilliant means to keep the rolls free from contaminants such as moisture and dust and mitigate the accidental placement of tissues and toilet papers on other surfaces like ledges and cisterns.

Hotel Housekeeping Supplies

The success of a hotel establishment rests on the housekeeping staff, who are responsible for the cleanliness and maintenance of the hotel facilities.

This role can not be done with mere hands; they need a constant supply of cleaning products, laundry, and other maintenance tools.

Cleaning Products

Since the Hotel environment often turns into a safe harbor for different types of dirt, debris, germs, and bacterias due to excessive foot traffics and other activities, it is essential to maintain a frequent cleaning and sanitation routine in spaces like guest rooms, hallway, lounging area, and others. The following cleaning products such as degreaser, detergent, abrasive, acids cleaners etc are needed.

Hotel Linen and Laundry Service

The hotel linen and laundry services are saddled with keeping the hotel bed sheet, towel, and sometimes the guest’s clothes clean and ready for use.

Therefore, it is essential to provide this service with an adequate supply of clothespins, laundry bags, drying racks, laundry hampers, trollies, washbasins, hanging spaces, and other amenities.

Hotel Food and Beverage Supplies

The food and beverages section in the hotel is as important as any other department in the hotel. Their work is akin to customer services that have to tend to guests’ overall well-being.

Therefore, it is essential to provide them with ample kitchen and dining equipment, tableware, and utensils.

Kitchen Equipment

The hotel kitchen is where the food is prepared for guests. Therefore, they form the core of the critical components of the overall running of the hotel business.

Thus, kitchen equipment, like knives, mixing bowls, cutting boards, measuring cups, kitchen towels, cookery sets, colanders, and others, are essential to maintain today’s running of this section.

Bar Supplies

The bar is an integral part of the hotel establishment. This essential section serves as the critical hub for providing alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in a more professional and socially acceptable manner.

The essential bar supplies to keep this space running include beverage tubs, garnish, appetizer cones, shakers, corkscrew or bottle openers, rimmers, etc.

Hotel Front Desk and Lobby Supplies

The front desks and lobby is the first point of contact that paint a picture of the hotel atmosphere. Every guest would constantly contact the front desk to book reservations and then check in.

The essential role of front desks and lobby goes beyond the check-in alone; this space plans guest experience, accommodates guest requests, handles room payments, and other tasks requiring high-priority supplies.

Front Desk Essentials

Front desks or reception boast of various mechanical and automatic systems of equipment, including room racks, information desks, key racks, mail and message racks, folio buckets, wake-up devices, cash registers, credit card imprinter, posting machines, fax machines, call accounting system, credit card validator, and computer.

Guest Communication Tools

Communication is a vital process in the hospitality establishment. Every guest loves a one-touch communication tool that can relay their want to the hotel administrative and management staff.

Therefore, hotel communication tools like desk phones, wireless landline phones, and softphones provide smooth communication between the guests and the hotel staff.

Hotel Maintenance and Safety Supplies

The role of the hotel maintenance and safety department can be likened to the heart that breathes life into the soul of the hotel. They ensure all facilities are running correctly to eliminate the risk of interruption to the hotel’s running.

The following equipment and tools are needed for the smooth operation of this department.

Safety Equipment

The primary safety equipment that conforms with the hotel establishment and lodging standards includes fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, carbon monoxide detectors, accident prevention signs, and many more.

Maintenance and Repair Tools

Hotel maintenance and repair combines all the necessary activities to ensure every hotel facility remains operational and in excellent condition.

Their mode of work spread to electrical inspection, fixing and maintaining plumbing issues, HVAC system servicing, elevator servicing maintenance, rotating and maintaining locks, etc.

These are essential processes that require an adequate supply of power tools (orbital sander, power drill, circular saws), electrical tools(crimper, multimeters, wire, and cable stripper), safety gears, toolboxes, cleaning supplies, and landscaping equipment (Lawnmower, clipper, aerator, trimmer)

Finding Reliable Suppliers

There’s no in-between when purchasing essential hotel supplies since they are the key drivers of the smooth running of the hotel establishment and cater to guests’ needs and comfortable stay.

Every basic hotel supply, from bedroom amenities to hotel maintenance and safety supplies, is necessary regardless of how minute, cheap, or common they look.

Any occurrence dor of unavailability or inadequacy might lead to a catastrophic event that undermines the hotel’s quality and standards.

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