On Not Wanting to Know Ancient Greek
James Nikopoulos

Being a Greek who was born and raised in the country by a Classicist parent (the other was a Byzantinist), I found this text (or should I say rant?) almost painful to read — written by someone so obviously removed from Greek realities, who seems to have both a chip on his shoulder *and* an ax to grind, and with experiences so apperently different than my own.

I’d only like to point out that endless generations of Greek high school students who had to spent years reading Plato, Thucydides and Lysias in the original seem to contradict his grandfather’s bizzare claim that “Only Germans know ancient Greek” . I can assume that grandpa came from the illiterate “peasant fishermen” side of the family. 
P.S. As is mentioned in the link provided by the author, one of the two architects who designed the Archaeological Museum in Athens was a Greek called Panagis Kalkos.

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