My Intro to Markup and Typography for the Web

This week we learned plenty of material and jumped right into coding. Using Codepen was quite easy to get the hang of it in a short amount of time. Also, the W3schools site was really useful as a guide and for references. Assignment 5 was my favorite because it got me to think how and why my code would not properly work as I thought it would. After a couple tune ups, I got the code to work the way I wanted using all the tags that were required. Also, my group did a good job of checking everyone’s code and found something that was missing, or wrong. It is always a good idea for someone with a fresh set of eyes to review your code. Assignment 6 was really interesting to me because I remember one time getting to the developer tool section by accident and thought I would mess up the site if I played around with the code haha, but overall I learned you can change how the page looks now.

As a markup language, HTML was pretty fun to use in codepen. I really like that codepen previews your code while you are working on it, unlike Java in Eclipse. I did had some trouble with the header and h1 tags for assignment 5 because the “Welcome to the World of Design” would not show up in the preview. I later realized I had to delete the title tag first for it to appear in the preview. The div tag was confusing at first, but really fun to use for styling it with different colors.

Another subject we learned this week is typography. White space is used for formatting and for HTML it is handled for like a programming language with tags. The two most important things when it comes to white space is control and predictability. In the slack chatroom, the show Silicon Valley was mentioned because it had a scene where the main character and his girlfriend were arguing over tabs vs spaces for white space. Richard, the boyfriend prefered tabs because of precision and the girlfriend liked spaces because it looks the same on other people’s computers. Silicon Valley is a great show and on the latest show it mentioned Slack. Furthermore, we also learned the basics of CSS which is a stylesheet language that give HTML that bedazzle factor. With assignment 7 we used Typography to format CSS and it was a learning experience. Having an eye appealing website is key for people to visit your site on a daily basis and and this is due to the CSS. I am applying to plenty start up companies and most of their website have this clean, interactive design to them. An example, would be and their design that has a modern edge to it. The website reflects the company by having a cool, interactive, and edgy design.