Trump bashes wind energy in a state that gets a third of its electricity from wind
Natasha Geiling

President Trump can still get it right on energy, climate change, as well as cleaner air. To do this he needs to put hydrogen on the front burner (where President Bush had it) and build the desperately needed hydrogen infrastructure. 
As for hydrogen being made mostly from natural gas, this will change; and it’s still cleaner than burning coal to make electricity. And speaking of coal, it can be turned into methane and then made into hydrogen. Coal miners shouldn’t have a problem with that.
As for putting solar panels on the border wall, why not? The panels can make electricity to light it up — with the excess going back to the grid. And if we can figure out how to collect it, the wall itself can make hydrogen by painting sections of it with hydrogen-producing paint.
Amazingly, technology has made it possible for President Trump to be right — even when he’s dead wrong.

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