Web 3.0: how to burst the internet bubble that silicon valley giants created?

What is my project?

EBuzzSpace.com (prototype stage) is one of the most important projects in the world: how to burst the bauble Google, Facebook, Amazon, any double sided marketplace created. In silicon valley, we have a tech bubble there and nobody has Idea how to burst it (they can’t even see it). I can , and this project is about that. One day this project could become a company with 1 trillion dollar market cap. There is no alternative to this.

Every different websites functionality provided today on the net is separated ( e.g Uber, Airbnb, Amazon, Facebook…). What we are doing is to interconnect these functionalities in a new way in one platform: we make revenue by setting up two sided marketplaces in every category, where the core functionality will be a banking system. Any profit our company makes will be equally shared with users. Users will be payed for their projects and for their original content creation.

Project details

It is not about “consolidating key functionality from other prominent products”, but we combine only “two sided marketplaces” together. Why? because, it is about payment network; for example Apple pay , at first it should be a bank and then any transaction should have public side of appearance (framework). exactly that framework represents combination of any “two sided marketplaces” modules. In other words, for instance, companies like Uber and Airbnb should have a banking transactions in their core functionality, and they have “to name” any other transactions (e.g. between doctor and patient) and post them in a specific module (e.g. health module).

Why do we need this kind of structure? because we have to pay to our users for their activity on the platform; To pay them, we have to earn money from any possible way; We can earn money by our online banking system, payment network and advertisement; How to make banking and networking more competitive than conventional ones? We add “two sided marketplaces” framework to banking and payment network. how to make advertisement revenue more fresh and robust? By combining social networking and two sided marketplace features together (also by conducting web search using algorithm based on new functionalities)

About the web search: Amazon represents the most significant competitor to Google search today, because online users avoid google search when they shop and they go straight to Amazon for purchases. But Amazon represents only one website’s selling power, In my website not only goods but services as well will be sold, provided by many websites. The search will be conducted among profile linked websites too.

We provide marketplace for online retailers. They can post their products in our platform simultaneously when they post it on their websites (using our API). With no merchants placement, monthly or service fees, we win to prominent IT marketplace companies by pricing, we earn only from transaction. So to compete with even giant like Amazon is not difficult, there are many e-commerce websites better than Amazon but they are less known; only thing they need is a specific Ecosystem based on transactions without providing warehouses and fulfilment centers.

Users will be able to open several profiles, attached to one banking account. The first, default profile will be ID verified and real. other profiles can be manipulated as users want.

We gonna charge terminal used transactions with 2% fee ( peer to peer transactions are free). From fee amount, 1% goes back to payees “special account”. Users can spend “special account” funds only for user generated original content and for projects. Half of the profit from other banking services and advertisement we spend on users’ activities in content creation.

Content should be user generated originals, where we participate (spend funds) on moving content from online to old media outlets. Because of a content funding in a new structured website, we can compete with social media outlets like YouTube, Facebook and others.

Projects are Business proposals where users finance it from their “special accounts” (or sometimes with their main account). In this way, It will compete with today’s crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and others.

No other website has done this kind of interconnection yet; And this kind of modules’ set is very important. Some websites “consolidate key functionality from other prominent products” but they do not realise where they have to make changes. It’s also about intuition to figure out what users like. I’ve been working on this project since 2003 in US and have a lot of knowledge and experience.

A little bit about my background:

I’m an entrepreneur with 15 years of experience, an economist. During fifteen years with this project I’ve defined the web 3.0: how to create the web platform which will compete with today’s top IT companies.

Willing to invest?

Any conversation and investment opportunity is welcomed to this project: