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If You’re Stuck Creating Content, Remember The Ceramics Teacher

When you need inspiration to stop procrastinating and create content, read this…

The book “Art & Fear” has a wonderful story about a ceramics course — it can teach all of us about how to become great at what we do…

At the beginning of the course, the ceramics teacher divided the class in two groups of students.

She instructed Group A to create a large number of pots. This group of students will be graded solely on the quantity of pots they produce. Whatever quality is fine. Each one simply has to make as many pots as time allows.

The students in Group B, on the other hand, were instructed to create “the perfect pot.” Each student will be graded solely on the one pot.

At the end of the course, the pots were ordered based on their quality.

Interestingly, all the best pots were made by students in Group A — that is, the group instructed to make as many pots as possible.

Because their goal was quantity, they had a lot of experience with the process itself. They really learned how to work with the materials and the tools. They had practiced turning their ideas into reality. At first poorly, then better and better, more and more aligned to their own vision.

Due to their experimentation, they had become more skilled by the day.

While Group A was busy creating, Group B — the ones instructed to make just the perfect pot — was busy planning and designing the ideal thing… they were thinking a lot, but not really creating. A lot of them had become paralyzed by the task… afraid of producing anything less than perfect.

(I feel badly for Group B … I hope the teacher helped them get out of analysis paralysis!)

Learn this well:

Through quantity, you’ll come to create quality.

Make lots of content, keep experimenting. Post a lot! As you create many pieces, some of them you’ll be especially proud of.

And some of them your audience will LOVE and share forward.

Story adapted with permission from Carla Geenen’s post.


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