What If Your Finances Are Perfect Right Now?

George Kao
Nov 13, 2017 · 3 min read

Any negativity in our life can be transformed into a positive force to better our life. This is true also of our money situation.

Maybe this is how you are feeling about your money situation:

“I don’t have enough..”

“I’m fearful about it…”

“Am I going to be ok?”

“Why can’t I figure it out?”

“Why does it have to be so hard?”

I hope that with this post, you can begin transforming that relationship into a productive one, even a positive and uplifting one. It is possible.

Life is objective. We are the ones who bring subjectivity to it. We are so accustomed to bringing either a negative or positive interpretation to the various parts of our life. I try to remember this, and practice putting a positive spin to my life experiences.

The possibility of a positive re-frame is limited only by creativity. And the creativity within you is unlimited.

So what if you decide, right now, that your money situation is actually perfect?

What if whatever money you have, right now, has been given to you at the optimal level for your current improvement and elevation?

What if you could see what you have right now as just what you need and good for you right now?

What if you let go of insisting the exact form — a certain amount of money — that you “must” have in order to be ok and happy?

What if you could stop stressing and obsessing about your money situation, and instead, tap into gratitude and truly appreciate it?

There are 2 ways to see your money situation right now:

1. To be stressed or fearful, and to take actions from that place.

2. To feel secure and appreciative, and to take actions from that place.

Either way, you are going to take action to earn more money.

(If you somehow lose your motivation to earn more money, but still you are in a space of security and appreciation, then isn’t that what you really want anyway?)

You can be in an inner state of happiness, and still take action to get more.

You will be “doing” from a yearning for expression and contribution (an optional thing) rather than a fearful and desperate energy of “I must have this or else!”

Taking action from fear and desperation is what makes you buy into hyped-up business training / get-rich-quick programs. It’s also what erodes trust in your relationships and network, when you are in a fearful, self-absorbed state rather than a secure, exploratory, giving state.

So make a decision today to keep coming back to a state of positive security.

Do whatever practice you need, to keep coming back to a good energetic state.

What helps me is to do my energy reboots every 1–3 hours in my working day. It takes less than 1 minute each time. I remind myself that God is an unconditionally loving, infinitely wise, all-powerful caretaker in my life. God knows exactly what it is that I need. God wishes for me to have deeper, more consistent joy, peace, and profound feelings of love. If God wants those things for me, and is all-powerful, then what is there to fear? No matter what, I am always in process toward that destiny.

I come back to knowing that I will always be taken care of, but I try to remember not to insist on what form that care-taking comes. Be open and creative.

If we let go of our requirements, our attachment to goals, our “must haves” in order to be happy, and instead appreciate the perfection of our life now, that it is given to us for our greatest, deepest, and highest benefit… then we can move from there and take action that is truly beneficial.

Not that I am perfect in being in a secure, happy state always. I have occasional bad days too. Yet if I have a practice I can rely on, I go back to that practice to recover some of that confidence and happiness, and then move forward from that better state.

It’s like walking on the ground: If you feel secure that the ground will be stable, then you feel confident to take the next step, and the next step, and eventually, to dance.

If you come back to your faith that you will always be taken care of, then you can move forward and take actions from a deep integrity and authenticity.

You can then make money from an authentic exploration and service-oriented contribution.

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