Learning to code has slowly become a valuable asset. Regardless of your profession, understanding coding and technology is a valuable asset.
50 best resources when learning to code
Pavel Malos

I believe that if you do not know how to code in the near future, you will be regarded as illitetare.

Times change pretty fast. Not long ago, illiterate was someone who did not know how to write, in general! After this, one who just completed elementary school. Then, you wouldn’t get easily high-paying jobs having finished only high-school. Now, even with a Bachelor’s degree chances are few if you want to get a nice job. Slowly, only PhDs count as nice to have. Degrees are standard anymore.

So, with this pace coding is the next step of “knowledge” people should possess if they want to improve their lives!

Apart from this, it is a matter of survival. I think someone won’t be able to understand what’s happening in everyday life without coding knowledge!

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