We are very excited to announce today our partnership and availability of our adtech service with Madin[ad], a premium mobile and desktop ad network and marketing platform, to directly provide brands and ad-agencies with contextual targeting for display advertising.

Madin[ad] offers mobile and desktop ad distribution services to brands and…

Let’s flashback to 2016.

The problem of harmful and misleading content affected millions of internet users regardless of nation, region or language.

Since day one, we have been driven by a vision:

Stop misleading, misguided, unclear, extreme, biased and fake news articles from being created and spread, again and again…

The newest member of our team, Argiris Tetteris, has recently joined us on our journey to help us create awesome solutions for media and businesses. As a back-end developer, Argiris will work with us in directly improving the connections between our core service and products.

In the bearded man’s own…

We’re very excited to welcome John Dimas to our team! John is going to dive into the world of FightHoax solutions and help us build amazing capabilities and features for our equally amazing partners.

Having said that, I give you our very own, John:

(ah, this is John talking)


Dive into data journalism easily and with no extra knowledge.

The FightHoax SDK offers digital publishers to load our news analysis charts and information right on their website.

So, the next time you cover a topic or event on a news piece, you can extend your reporting to your digital…

Introduce speed into your news analysis, without sacrificing quality.

Earlier this year, after securing an investment, being verified by Nieman Labs of Harvard itself, upgrading our technology stack, introducing the Media Landscape Analysis at the European Parliament and setting up shop right in the heart of gorgeous Athens, we expedited…

We partnered up with Christos Iereidis of Ethnos Newspaper, to explore the international media landscape on the topic of Cambridge Analytica.

Our research team here at FightHoax selected and analysed 32 articles on the topic of Cambridge Analytica, published between March 18 and March 24 of 2018, during the event’s…

News analysis relies on a multitude of different elements coming together, just as much as factual analysis relies on perception. Components that directly, on one level or another, correlate with each other in order to create the most objective overview that we can muster as information receivers.

With a frighteningly…

Members of our team represented FightHoax in the European Parliament’s “Brain Drain” event.

In an initiative organised by Greek representative to the European Parliament, Mr. …

Job interviews are a hard thing to do, even with all the information and opinions lying around. I personally believe you only need one thing:


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I have a friend who recently experienced the frantic world of job interviews…

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