The road to Success isn’t Mario Kart. It’s sludge, and it’s worth it.

Expect sludge all the way….

No goal seems out of reach with momentum.

You’re Mario picking up the gold star,
Triumphant, unstoppable music is playing as you pulverise all the obstacles in your way.

Everything bounces off you while you keep pressing forward at a blistering speed, milestones become stepping stones and you want this feeling to last forever.

With momentum you can do anything,

You find yourself wanting to work even harder, all the inspiration in the world comes flooding into your mind, and every dream and goal you want feels at arms length, easily grasped, obtainable.

Momentum shortens the distance between you and your vision of where you know you ought to be.

Without it,

You’re moving through deep, dense sludge, and every foot forward feels more agonising and tiring than the last; each muscle in your body beginning to ache and fill with lactic acid.

Feeling the weight of the sludge as it drags you down, the shortness in your breath, holding onto the hope that the terrain up ahead is going to be more forgiving and any moment now another gold star is going to magically appear.

The sludge ain’t the problem ,

It’s the ‘wait’ for things to be ‘different’ that is.

You want to reach your goal with ease, but you know anything worth pursuing is going to involved discomfort and challenge.

Relying on momentum is like sitting at a slot machine.
If you pull down the lever enough times, then the 3 cherries have to pop up sooner or later.

So your arse stays in that seat, firmly planted; weakening moment to moment from in-action as you give away your most precious resources.

First money, then your most valuable resource of all.


Life or the slots; the odds always favour the house.

So you keep waiting for someone to take the pressure off; someone to come and promise you the easy jackpot.

There is no easy jackpot.

And sure, you may be the 1 in 1 million that get lucky but then you’re faced with an even worse dilemma.

You don’t know how to be somebody who has 1 million dollars.

Now the fear isn’t momentum, and it’s not the million dollars…

It’s losing it all,

If you got the RESULT without the WORK, then you can lose it just as quickly as you got it.

Do the WORK, don’t wait for momentum, it doesn’t get easier.. You get better, stronger, more resilient, and realise just how CAPABLE you are of doing what it takes to have the life you want.

Instead of wanting it to get easier start focusing on feeling good about what difficulties you’ve been able to work through.

Each foot forward is a sign that you won’t let anything get in your way; and whether it takes you 20 minutes to get through the sludge or 20 days…

The key lesson and take away is…

You are the kind of person that adversity can’t stop from getting what you want, now aren’t you?

1. Scale your efforts

2. Notice the small wins

3. Keep moving at whatever pace you need toward discomfort but keep making a choice to move closer to it not further away from it.

4. Reward each time you decide to be uncomfortable.

Prepare for the sludge, expect it all the way to the other side.

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