I have worked in different companies with different sizes and focus. Small and big, agencies and product companies. I even worked in an agency inside a product company. Last year I had a chance to work in Wargaming — a large game developer and publisher. This experience in game development…

Solid base for your design process

Today I‘d like to talk about important part of any design process that often gets neglected or forgotten. It is not the tooling or typography or colors. I want to talk about design principles.

First of all let’s align our terminology. Here is a good quote that matches my personal…

Many projects use maps to display data. Usually we are talking about Google or Apple maps in case of iOS devices. They are so popular because they work so well, but sometimes default functionality is just not enough.

A couple of days ago I saw a very good post on how zooming and motion effects can actually make some people feel nauseous, dizzy, or give them a headache. I’m talking about healthy people now: for someone with vestibular disorders it can become a real nightmare.

This was a…

Things you need to know to sound like a pro when talking about in-car navigation systems.

The very first in-car navigation system came with a set of paper maps that scrolled while the car was moving. It worked perfectly fine for the 1930’s, provided that you didn’t need to get off the route a lot.

Iter Avto (source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk)

Thanks to the progress of technology, now we…

George Koultouridis

Visual designer, Leiden, The Netherlands

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