it wasnt an AMA….he answered only two questions…….
Adam Bryant

Hi Adam,

I think what you are mentioning echoes the frustrations of many in the Quoine community…a lot of promises but where is the deliverable?

All crypto projects, not just this one are inherently risky assets. I don’t know the future anymore than you do and no one can really say with definite certainty whether this project will succeed or not; even if ANY crypto project will succeed or not over the long term for that matter.

Quoine has an ambitious plan and some tight deadlines. Because they want to put regulation and security at the forefront of their operations, this adds more constraints but potentially more rewards as well if they can improve their operating efficiency. Add to these constraints a big sell off in the entire crypto space since April, the JFSA Business Improvement Order and perhaps not the best communication strategy on Quoine’s part during this time and I understand the frustration. Trust me, I’m feeling this too.

All I can humbly say is that this is a project that I’m willing to take a chance on. The reason is not because I care about what they are doing or what is happening to them now but what (I hope) that them and the QASH/Liquid token will one day become. I like their plan for the long term and how they want to improve the token’s utility with the announcement of the LDL makes sense to me. The real sticking points are whether or not they will be able to execute and if the public will adopt their vision. These are concerns that I think that the entire community share, you and I included. But despite these concerns, I’m still going to HODL their token.

Thanks so much for your comment and for reading my article.

I really do appreciate it.