Contact: Pin Ni

Company name: Wanxiang Group

Phone: 847–622–8838

Web Site:


The Future has Arrived

Returning under a different name, the Fisker Karma was once the car of our dreams. Now the Elux Karma brings drivers into the future with a new and improved electric supercar.

Wanxiang Corporation, a leading Chinese automotive and industrial corporation, will release the Elux Karma in 2016, with an estimated retail value of $135,000. With growing competition in the electric car industry, Karma will break through with force challenging the Tesla Model S, BMW i8, and other prominent brands with its stunning design and features. The B-roll video below displays just a few of the amazing qualities of the Elux.

As you can see, this supercar is not to be taken lightly. With a top speed of 127 mph, a hybrid engine with 52 mpg, and a design that would satisfy everyone from European sportscar fans to American classics, the Elux is truly a dream machine, Can you handle the Force?

For more information on this incredible new driving machine, contact Pin Ni by cell or email.

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