How to use Long Tail keywords in low domain authority website

This guide is to teach you how you can use long tail keywords in low domain authority websites that can actually help you to get Google top search engine rankings.

Keywords research and using keywords in website content is essential for on page SEO. But when your website is in initial stages of online visibility and the domain authority is low. Using keywords properly can be decisive for your website future.

Using keywords properly with a strategy is the key point in getting Google top search rankings. Your content strategy as well as keyword strategy works in parallel.

Steps in Searching and implementing Long Tail Keywords Strategy

1. Decide the topic you want to write on in a webpage as Blog/article/business content

2. Go to Google search and try few long tail keywords. This will give you 4–5 long tail keywords to use in your webpage content.

3. Go to Google Keyword Planner and add searched keywords in “search for ideas” section in first box. Hit Get Ideas Button.

4. Next results section will give you idea about monthly traffic and competition for the given set of keywords.

5. Select one keyword will low competition and monthly traffic between 10 to 100.

6. Create content 600+ words. The content has to be high value and audience oriented. Add related images, youtube video link, and credit links.

7. Optimize content with keywords, optimize images Alt tag, Heading tags and Meta tags.

Now is the time to publish this webpage — blog or article. Job is not finished yet. After publishing this page share it on social media — FB, Twitter. A reputed social media account can really help you boost up online marketing.

Do it slowly in a natural way. Post blog on day 1 and do social sharing. Leave it for 1 week and then next week start doing off page SEO. Re-tweet 3–4 times. After 3–4 weeks there is a chance to see the page ranked under 100 Google results.

Do some content updates every week; add some outbound links, youtube video link and inbound links.

Track keywords ranking and keep on working to until your webpage reach at the top.

Follow the same procedure with other web pages in your website to reach at the top in Google search. After then you can move on to more traffic keywords.

I have explained use of long tail keywords with a live example in this business website:

How to use Long Tail keywords in low Domain Authority Websites

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