There still over 100 predominantly Muslim countries that have NO restrictions on them.
OMG — Trump comes in and bans 7 countries that Obama banned and he has banned “all Muslims” — this…
Donna Steeves

Er… no there aren’t.

There are about 50 Muslim-majority countries in the world, depending on who’s counting. The OIC, a political organisation of countries with large (but not necessarily majority) Muslim populations has 57 members.

Also, while most of those 57 countries aren’t targets of the travel ban, that doesn’t mean their citizens have “NO restrictions”. Their citizens might not be banned from entering the U.S., but it’s still very hard for them to immigrate legally, and often hard to even visit legally as a tourist. Not because they’re Muslim, mind you, but because the U.S. makes it hard for almost anyone to get a visitor’s visa, unless you’re from somewhere like Canada or Western Europe.

And the Obama administration didn’t ban the people you’re talking about, it just compiled the list of 7 countries noting that they present particular security threats to the U.S., and the Trump administration used that list to decide which countries to ban.

With all that being said, I agree that the original article is nonsensical horseshit that’s riddled with factual inaccuracies and invalid arguments.