If it wasn’t for Andela

ALC Meet-up 5.0 at Andela Epic Towers. Photo credit: Andela Nigeria

You cannot fully know your capabilities until you get out of your comfort zone and get to work. To get out, you need determination, great zeal to successfully drive you through this “uncomfortable journey”, especially the adventure into the programming world — a world with many languages.

In this adventure, unlike most computer games, you are not fighting an enemy, but acquiring pearls (knowledge) and you also have the option of choosing your path, your weapon (here your resources), and of choosing your team, on same mission with you.

After my graduation, with the hope of founding of a software company, I decided I needed to embark on this adventurous journey into the world of programming. Having chosen my path, few weapons and even with no team mate available, I felt good to go.

But it occurred to me that something was missing. I needed a tour guide.

Just when I was trying to think it through, a friend of mine sent me a link to apply to Andela since I was a tech enthusiast. After some time, I got into its Android Learning Community (Andela ALC) — Beginners Level. It was precisely the guide I needed.

With a team of about 25 persons at the Imo ICT Hub in Owerri, we were good to go.

Andela provided us with the latest resources available to get us started in learning the “new languages” — Java and XML.

Initially, the adventure was not that easy. Actually learning a new language is not easy, that’s just the truth. But special thanks to Katherine, Kunal and Lyla of Udacity for their “explanation” skills. The way they handled the core concepts were so amazing. I really wish I could learn other languages like that.

During the adventure, our progress was tracked by Udacity on whose platform we were learning from. We had three (3) projects to complete.

First was a single screen app for a fictional small business. The second was a Score Counter app which allows users to keep track of scores of their favorite game. Third was a quiz app of about 5 to 10 questions.

A Score Counter App and a Quiz App

In doing these projects, I learnt how to plan (sketch) the design before coding, how to format the design views on XML, how to create interactions between button clicks and java code, and as well the “good practice“ of documenting my codes.

If it wasn’t for Andela ALC 2017

Like a tourist without a guide, I wouldn’t have gone this far. I would not have met and collaborated with great minds in my team. Am so much determined to embark on many other adventures as God wills it. Feel free to follow me on LinkedIn, GitHub, Facebook or Twitter, together we can achieve greater things.

Thank you Andela.