There’s a computer in your pocket

Mael: Really enjoyed reading your article. I recently got a Huawei P20 Pro and slowly trying to use it as my mobile workstation so I don’t have to carry my Dell XPS 15 around. I help run 4 small retail stores, so I’m thinking of putting in cheap FHD monitors in each store, so I only need to carry my Pro along with mobile keyboard and mouse. Curious: You mention the S8 has more “software” than the Huawei; I’m guessing you’re referring to the web development tools you use? I’m fine with the Huawei so far since I only need to remote-in using Teamviewer along with standard MS Office and cloud-browser stuff. Also, what brand is the 11-inch portable touch monitor you use? I’m thinking of getting something like that in case I’m somewhere without a desktop monitor to plug into. Thanks!